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Project Description


Co-Founder at the Wealth Mosaic

As a specialist analyst focused on broad aspects of the global wealth management sector, I see a space that is under pressure, that is changing as a result and that will continue to adapt moving forward. The forces driving change are too dynamic and strong to think otherwise.

Rather than sit on the fence as a mere observer and commentator, I have decided to do something different and focused to support the business needs of both wealth managers and the sector’s diverse solution providers. Ultimately, I see the sector moving towards a far greater level of partnership, cooperation, co-creation and co-development between wealth managers and solution providers.

Building The Wealth Mosaic as a dedicated, accessible and curated resource for the business needs of both is my response. The wealth management sector needs support, there needs to be greater and easier access to focused and relevant knowledge resources and it needs to be simpler for wealth managers to discover the solution providers that can support their business needs.